after you document your auto protection claim 

In the wake of reporting an auto protection claim, you'll be alloted a devoted cases delegate who will help you through the whole procedure. We will probably get in touch with you inside 24 business hours to get your point of view and to assemble mishap information. 
Your rep will then calendar a vehicle investigation whenever it might suit you, or, if the harm is minor, you can submit photographs of the harm or video talk continuously through our components on Esurance Mobile to get an examination. 
In any case, your devoted cases delegate is focused on helping you all through the whole claims process. This can include: 
Helping you choose how the auto's harm will be reviewed (or if an assessment is even required). 
Orchestrating a rental auto, if necessary, while yours is in the shop. We can pay for it, as well, on the off chance that you have rental scope on your strategy. 
Clarifying how you can screen your case on the web. 
Proposing trusted repair shops in your general vicinity. 
Overhauling your case status. 
Noting any inquiries you have along the way. 
Settling your case rapidly and decently to help you get back out and about.

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