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The Pre-Dorset society was a Paleo-Eskimo gathering of individuals who settled on the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and in northern Greenland around 2500 BC, enduring to around 500 BC. The names "Dorset" and 'Pre-Dorset' originate from Cape Dorset, Baffin Island. This spot was the area of archeological remains that, in 1925, the Canadian anthropologist Diamond Jenness recognized as starting from a formerly obscure "Dorset" society. In focal Nunavut, they angled with spiked lances and chased muskoxen and caribou with bow and bolt. Close to the coast they chased seals, walruses and little whales by tossing spears from the shore and ocean ice. They lived in interim settlements of skin tents and maybe likewise developed snow houses. Their apparatuses and weapons had strikingly little bleeding edges chipped from stone, which has driven a few archeologists to allude to the Pre-Dorset society and the related Denbigh Flint Complex in Alaska as the 'Ice Small Tool convention.' They formed into the Dorset society around 500 BC. 
Dorset Culture 
The Dorset society (additionally called the Dorset Tradition) was a Paleo-Eskimo descendent gathering of individuals living in Nunavut from 500 BC to 1500 AD who went before the entry of the Thule individuals. Through contact with the more propelled Thule society, and conceivably additionally through intermarriage, a few anthropologists trust that advanced Inuit are at any rate related socially and maybe likewise naturally to the antiquated Dorset. 

Dorset society utilized one of a kind innovation identified with chasing and apparatus making. They made unmistakable triangular cutting edges, soapstone lights and etching apparatuses called burins. Researchers trust that the Dorset (and later the Thule) had contact with Norse mariners who went to Baffin Island from 1000 AD to 1450 AD. The Vikings disparagingly called these individuals "Skræling" yet they outlived the antiquated Norse! 

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