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Auto Donation Foundation's poor straightforwardness and stipend of potential contributor perplexity with its Wheels for Wishes promotions is much more terrible given the way that two of its major revenue driven merchants are possessed and worked by the same two people that established and oversee CDF. William Bigley and Randy Heiligman, the prime supporters of CDF, likewise 100% co-own and work the revenue driven organizations Metro Metals Corporation (MM) and National Fundraising Management, Inc. (NFM).
CDF utilizes MM to sell and scrap the vehicles gave to CDF and utilizations NFM as its expert raising money organization to request vehicle gifts from the general population and deal with its vehicle gift program. Besides, the OAG Report takes note of that Heiligman's better half, a previous CDF board part and officer, is official VP of MM, and Heiligman's child and little girl and Bigley's child all are utilized at NFM. As to NFM, CDF's 2011 reviewed money related proclamations note: "In 2011, another administration organization was framed to give supporting administrations to Car Donation Foundation. The new administration organization gives the operations to Car Donation Foundation, and consequently, gets regulatory charges of 15% of net closeout deals continues and program commissions at one-portion of every area's net wage or misfortune."
NFM is enlisted to go about as an expert pledge drive for CDF in around 40 states and its exclusive customer is CDF, as per the OAG Report. CDF reported paying NFM and MM joined over $56 million from 2011-2014 (in view of its yearly expense filings), which is more than half of the roughly $108 million in complete income CDF gathered on gave vehicles amid that period. By correlation, the aggregate direct gifts CDF made to philanthropies (all to Make-A-Wish parts) from 2011-2014 was only under $22 million and just around 20% of its aggregate income. 

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