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Asbestos Use in Sky Lanterns 
While not all sky lamps use asbestos, a few models have been found to have the substance in their materials. While items are tried for asbestos, sky lamps that are foreign made from different nations can slip undetected into the residential business sector. Standard asbestos testing, for example, EN71 utilized as a part of Europe is insufficient in distinguishing asbestos in sky lights, as particular testing must be done to recognize the substance. Items are just particularly tried if there is a caution. 
The reason asbestos might be utilized as a part of the development of sky lights is its known imperviousness to fire qualities. This is additionally why asbestos was utilized as a part of numerous applications for building development, chimneys, apparatuses, ship building and numerous different items. The U.S. Bureau of Health and Human administrations, alongside the EPA, has marked asbestos a cancer-causing agent, confining its utilization in the U.S. It has been appeared to bring about lung disease and mesothelioma in those with broad presentation to this savage substance. Asbestos is still utilized as a part of some U.S. fabricating, yet items can't contain more than 1% asbestos to meet EPA and CSPC directions. 
Because of the compelling dangers of asbestos, it is reasonable to be worried about the utilization of this substance in any item. Sky lights have been found to contain asbestos, presenting clueless individuals to this dangerous substance. Some late sky lights that have been found to contain asbestos include: 
  • Wire Free Sky Lanterns: This item was made in the UK by and utilized string that contains chrysotile asbestos. 
  • Luxurious White Sky Lantern Eco Wedding Pack. Made in China, this item additionally utilized a string that contains chrysotile asbestos. 
  • White Sky Lanterns: A UK item sold under the brand Redwood Leisure (model SL300), this sky lamp additionally utilizes chrysotile asbestos string. 
  • The Original Sky Lantern: Made in China by the organization Bright Star Fireworks, these sky lights additionally have tried positive for asbestos. 

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