The Voice Cambodia Thel Thai Saorb Live Show 29 May 2016

Auto Donations: Taking Taxpayers for a Ride 
Auto gifts to foundations appear like a win-win suggestion. A giver gets a bother free method for discarding an old auto and a fat expense derivation, a philanthropy gets cash that it would not generally get through money commitments and a go between makes a clean benefit for requesting, towing and offering the auto. Shockingly, the failure is whatever remains of us. As citizens, we are sponsoring charge reasonings on auto gifts that are not anyplace close similar with the advantages got by philanthropy. 
A November 2003 United States General Accounting Office (GAO) study, for which AIP was met and recorded as an asset, found that 66% of 54 cases concentrated on the philanthropy got 5% or less of the estimation of a gave auto pronounced on an individual's assessment form. Why so little? The auto is frequently sold at closeout for wholesale, then the expense for promoting in the daily paper and on the radio and Internet is subtracted. After the expenses of towing and molding the auto and handling the printed material is deducted, little might be left for philanthropy. Furthermore, a few foundations may get a level charge for every auto gave paying little respect to the quality, some of the time as meager as $25 per vehicle. The GAO couldn't figure out if givers were swelling the estimation of the utilized auto. In any case, it would be simple for contributors to do as such because of the absence of accessible data on the auto's condition. 

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