The Voice Cambodia Saum Sovanna Rabang Jong Snea Live Show 22 May 2016

Imagine a scenario where your hard drive is experiencing something somewhat more awful than your regular hard-drive crash. What amount of harm can your information take before it's gone until the end of time? We needed to discover what could be rescued from a PC that had been through a characteristic debacle, so we mimicked a truly terrible one. We settled on a seismic tremor/surge doomsday situation. To begin with, we took two portable workstation drives, stacked them with test motion picture and music documents, then beat the hell out of them until we heard the mark clicking of mechanical hard-drive disappointment. At that point we submerged one of the drives in uniquely designed tempest surge floodwaters (salt water, development flotsam and jetsam, oil) and let it drench for four days. 
We sent both hard drives to Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery, which offers information salvage administrations to both corporate customers and shoppers. Ontrack's Jeff Pederson dissected the drives in the organization's perfect room and found that the read/compose heads in our dry drive were bowed from our misuse and that we had scratched the platters. Our overflowed drive was wet, however the platters were undamaged. Pederson supplanted the heads and performed a recuperation. 

The outcomes? Pederson could spare 99 percent of the information from the dry drive and 100 percent from the overwhelmed drive. Had we been paying clients, the administration would have taken a toll us $1200 each. 

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