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At the point when cash goes starting with one philanthropy then onto the next, ordinarily an extra layer of overhead cost makes some real progress on gifts, leaving less money accessible to be spent on the projects benefactors plan to bolster. For instance, in view of these foundations' 2008 overhead rates, a $100 gift to JOY that is then conceded to Oorah would bring about $35 left to help kids. In its 2008 tax document, JOY reports spending simply over $14.6 million, or 65% of its $22.5 million spending plan, on projects which at face esteem seems, by all accounts, to be a sensible sum. Be that as it may, almost every one of this system burning through, $14.5 million, comprised of a gift to the philanthropy's member association, Oorah.
This gift made up the greater part of Oorah's financing in 2008, as per that philanthropy's tax document, on which it reports burning through 46% of its financial plan on overhead. Benefactors who just take a gander at JOY's accounted for system spending without considering Oorah's overhead costs may get the feeling that a greater amount of their altruistic gifts are going to advantage kids than is really the case. 
Givers ought to likewise know that as indicated by its 2008 tax document and reviewed money related proclamations, JOY burned through $118 in gathering pledges and publicizing expenses to get each gave auto, and the normal auto was exchanged for under $400.  

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