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 We are upbeat to report that the fourth Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship will be honored to Carol Mata, a biomedical designing understudy at the University of Cincinnati. 

18 months prior, Carol's dad was determined to have stage 4 pancreatic tumor, which at last took his life in mid 2016. At the point when asked how this experience has influenced her, Carol says, "Malignancy has changed my life. It's taken a considerable measure away, but on the other hand it's united my family. I can genuinely say, tumor has been a gift." 
She concedes that every day since her dad's passing has been a battle, and she battles against that battle each day. Be that as it may, she trusts she's become a more grounded individual and realizes that her dad would need her to advance and live for him. "He would need me to appreciate the minutes that I have. Also, not give his passing a chance to be the demise of me." 
For Carol, beating the growth means having the capacity to gather the great from it. She says she now sees everybody from an alternate perspective, understanding that you never comprehend what another person may experience. 
Her experience has likewise continueed to rouse her fantasy of being a biomedical designer. In her video exposition, she describes a memory: 
I sat in the healing center room with my dad, and he'd point to different medicinal equipement and say, "Song, sometime you're going to outline stuff this way," with a glad grin all over [...]. "In any case, you better improve it." He'd give proposals as a result of the agony he was experiencing. What's more, it was baffling for me as a first year recruit to realize that was my objective — to facilitate individuals' torment, to be the change — and I was excessively unpracticed, making it impossible to know how to help out him. 
Energized by her disappointment, Carol drew closer an educator and advised her, "I should roll out an improvement at this moment." Her teacher got her into a pancreatic disease lab, where she keeps on doing scrutinize.

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