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The nearby ties amongst Bigley and Heiligman's philanthropy and their two revenue driven organizations that give paid administrations to Car Donation Foundation bring up major issues about the stewardship and administration of the philanthropy, as per the OAG Report.
As executives and officers of CDF, Bigley and Heiligman have a guardian obligation to be faithful to and act to the greatest advantage of the philanthropy, however rather, they seem to have permitted glaring irreconcilable situations to exist in CDF's exchanges with Metro Metals and National Fundraising Management. Given these irreconcilable circumstances, it's not shocking that both CDF's and Make-A-Wish's individual autonomous inspectors additionally raised concerns with respect to the administration of CDF. The OAG Report takes note of that these outside reviewers distinguished issues and voiced concerns identified with the cover in the administration of CDF, MM, and NFM, including scrutinizing the invoicing and installment rehearses amongst CDF and NFM, for which they discovered instances of a large number of dollars in installments being made by CDF to NFM that needed adequate documentation or substantiation for the sums being invoiced to and paid by CDF.
Throat's evaluators additionally scrutinized the absence of focused offering for the bartering administrations being given by MM, and they expressed in the finish of their review that CDF had "control issues that would not be satisfactory at any philanthropy that was working autonomously and to the greatest advantage of its givers and recipients," all as indicated by the OAG Report. 

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