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 Sky lamps, likewise called paper or Chinese lights, are regularly utilized at festivities to illuminate the sky. In spite of the fact that they are delightful to watch coast up into the air with their glinting lights, nothing can escape the forces of gravity. As it seems to be, there are a few worries about the security of sky lamps, including the risk they posture when they return to the ground, because of the asbestos content in some of these items. 

Sky lamps have been utilized for a large number of years, going back to the third century B.C. at the point when the Chinese tried different things with utilizing these little hot air inflatables to send messages. Customarily, sky lamps have been produced using rice paper on a bamboo outline, with a little light hanging underneath it for the flame source. Utilized as a part of the military by numerous Asian nations, these little airborne lights have likewise gotten to be mainstream for celebrations, weddings, and different festivals are still utilized as a part of plenitude today over the world.

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