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For the numerous individuals who have heard it, the appealing Kars4Kids jingle is hard to overlook. The philanthropy behind the Kars4Kids raising support battle, J O Y for Our Youth (JOY), has burned through millions on promoting to guarantee the jingle is heard far and wide. Notwithstanding supporting a web video jingle challenge, JOY runs radio promotions like the one we regularly hear in Chicago alluring potential benefactors with offers of "most extreme" duty conclusions and in addition a "free excursion" consequently for auto gifts. The plugs make auto gift appear as simple as dialing a critical telephone number, yet are unclear about where the raised cash will go, or how it will advantage kids. 
Bliss has the same New Jersey address and the same chief officer, Eliyohu Mintz, as another philanthropy, Oorah. As indicated by the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, JOY "has contributed significantly the greater part of the assets it has brought to Oorah up before." 
As per Oorah's site, "Oorah, which signifies "Stir," was established in 1980 with the objective of enlivening Jewish kids and their families to their legacy." The site is brimming with articles, stories and testimonials which appear to suggest that the physical and profound backing and private religious training offered by Oorah are planned to induce common Jewish families to tackle a more Orthodox Jewish way of life. 

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