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Its "Wheels for Wishes" promotions that specify "Make-A-Wish" have pulled in a huge number of auto gifts, yet it creates the impression that numerous a greater amount of these "wheels" are for benefits than for altruistic wishes. Auto Donation Foundation (CDF), the country's biggest auto gift philanthropy, openly utilizes the "Wheels for Wishes" name to request vehicle gifts over the U.S. for the advantage of neighborhood sections of the Make-A-Wish Foundation (MAW). The special accomplice MAW sections get stores from CDF after the gave vehicles have been sold or scrapped. For reasons unknown turns out, nonetheless, that lone around 20% of CDF's income profited philanthropy over the 2011-2014 period. Besides, Minnesota's Office of the Attorney General (OAG) is guaranteeing that CDF, which is situated in Minnesota, needs straightforwardness, deludes benefactors, and is too firmly attached to two of its revenue driven merchants. 
Auto Donation Foundation mixes the characters of Wheels for Wishes with Make-A-Wish in its promotions and requesting bringing on benefactor perplexity in Minnesota, as indicated by a Compliance Report issued by the OAG in October 2015. "At the point when individuals give their autos, they have the privilege to know who they are giving to and where the cash is going," said Minnesota's Attorney General as cited in a Star Tribune article about the CDF matter. The OAG Report focuses to CDF's utilization of the title "Make-A-Wish Car Donation" in paid Internet promotions and notes that while the "Make-A-Wish" name or logo is unmistakably highlighted in Wheels for Wishes advertisements, the advertisements don't specify CDF or its expert gathering pledges organization (at any rate before June 2015 when, as the OAG's examination was on-going, CDF adjusted some of its daily paper promotions to incorporate a commentary reference to CDF).
There are a few cases given in the OAG Report depicting instances of specific people that gave vehicles to CDF under the mixed up impression that they were giving specifically to MAW. Indeed, even MAW-Minnesota and the national office of MAW communicated their worry to CDF in regards to the way that its promotions some of the time made it look as though Wheels for Wishes was a system of MAW as opposed to an autonomous philanthropy, as indicated by the OAG Report. Meanwhile, it creates the impression that the Wheels for Wishes advertisements have been entirely effective as CDF has developed its yearly income from $14.4 million in 2011 to $37.3 million in 2014, dramatically increasing the quantity of vehicles it sold or scrapped between those years. 

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