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Adding another stunner to the story, it creates the impression that National Fundraising Management and Metro Metals made installments to the previous (CEO) of Make-A-Wish-Minnesota for his help with organizing vehicle gift limited time contracts amongst CDF and other nearby sections of MAW, as per the OAG Report. The Report portrays that the CEO surrendered from MAW-Minnesota in June 2015, one day before the part's directorate planned a unique meeting to examine the installments being made to the CEO. At that point, notwithstanding, the CEO had gotten more than $70,000 from NFM and MM, in view of installments of $5,000 for every nearby section of MAW that marked an agreement with CDF, as indicated by the OAG Report. 
Taking after the issuance of the OAG Report, Make-A-Wish-Minnesota declared on October 20, 2015 that it has cut ties with Car Donation Foundation. CDF, with all due respect, asserted in an announcement made that same day that the OAG Report "is horribly deceptive and demonstrates an essential absence of comprehension about how beneficent auto gift programs work," as per an Associated Press report. The Minnesota AG needs power to record charges against CDF, yet as per the OAG's public statement, it has asked that CDF, and also MAW-Minnesota, record a report with the OAG archiving the strides being taken to adjust the issues distinguished in the Report. The OAG additionally noticed that it sent the Report to the IRS with a solicitation that it research the magnanimous duty absolved status of CDF; in addition, the OAG likewise is directing audits of a few other altruistic vehicle gift programs. 

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