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Discovering Ways to Help Others 
A standout amongst the most uplifting parts of Patricia's story is that even while she was experiencing her own battles with mesothelioma, she was discovering approaches to help other people. Prior to her analysis, she had utilized her stitch abilities to make dress for the individuals who were less lucky than her. 
"I started making scarves for the destitute populace before I got sick," Patricia said, depicting her own not-for-profit venture referred to in her circle as Warm Necks. "I would make caps and scarves for the destitute all year and turn them in when the climate gets colder." 
After her finding, Patricia conveyed her liberal soul directly into the malignancy focus where she got her medications. "While getting chemo, I kept on stitching and make caps for malignancy patients. Every time I got a treatment, I would complete caps and offer them to the malignancy patients." 
Progressing in the direction of a Better World 
She doesn't stop with these individual motions. Patricia is utilizing her broad experience as an instructor to teach others about the significance of banning asbestos and finding a cure for mesothelioma. Truth be told, she considers such mindfulness exercises to be a critical part for her as a survivor. "As a mesothelioma survivor, any open door that presents itself, is a chance to make others mindful that asbestos should be banned and that it is so essential to discover a cure for the infection." 
In Patricia's eyes, such instructive obligations likewise stretch out to the individuals who are in the mesothelioma group on the loose. "For the individuals who know about the deadly result of mesothelioma, we should keep on making it known not masses," she charges. "The administration must see the harm and realize that this malady keeps on obliterating families consistently. We can compose our congressmen and push for a full prohibition on asbestos. Likewise, [we can] loan help to those that are at present battling to boycott asbestos in the United States." 
Given her enthusiasm, Patricia has motivated others to quarrel for mindfulness over mesothelioma and the perils postured by asbestos, incorporating those in her own family. One prominent case is Patricia's little girl in-law, Vida Hargrett, a universally known glamorous lady and the representative for the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. "Our family bolsters my girl in-law in her endeavors to convey regard for asbestos," Patricia said gladly. "She utilizes it as her stage for universal exhibitions." 

The backing of her family doesn't stop there, however. Patricia offered some understanding into tentative arrangements to convey significantly more regard for these basic issue. "My family and I trust later on to support a 5K walk or Fitness Challenge," she said, "to raise monies for a cure for mesothelioma." 

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