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In General Except on account of sums inferable from (and not in abundance of) findings permitted under area 213 (identifying with therapeutic, and so forth., costs) for any earlier assessable year, gross pay does exclude - 

(1) sums got under laborers' remuneration goes about as pay for individual wounds or infection; 
(2) the measure of any harms got (whether by suit or understanding and whether as singular amounts or as intermittent installments) because of individual wounds or disorder; 
(3) sums got through mishap or medical coverage for individual wounds or affliction (other than sums got by a representative, to the degree such sums (An) are owing to commitments by the business which were not includible in the gross pay of the worker, or (B) are paid by the business); 
(4) sums got as a benefits, annuity, or comparable stipend for individual wounds or affliction coming about because of dynamic administration in the military of any nation or in the Coast and Geodetic Survey or the Public Health Service, or as an incapacity annuity payable under the procurements of segment 808 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980; and 
(5) sums got by a person as incapacity salary owing to wounds acquired as an immediate consequence of a brutal assault which the Secretary of State decides to be a terrorist assault and which happened while such individual was a representative of the United States occupied with the execution of his official obligations outside the United States. For reasons for passage (3), on account of a person who is, or has been, a representative inside the significance of segment 401(c)(1) (identifying with independently employed people), commitments made for such individual while he was such a worker to a trust portrayed in segment 401(a) which is absolved from expense under segment 501(a), or under an arrangement depicted in area 403(a), might, to the degree permitted as derivations under segment 404, be dealt with as commitments by the business which were not includible in the gross wage of the worker. Passage (2) should not make a difference to any reformatory harms regarding a case not including physical damage or physical ailment.

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