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Minnesota's AG expressed: "[O]ne of the most perturbing parts of the Compliance Report is the concurrent administration and possession by Bigley and Heiligman of the system of non-benefit and revenue driven associations. [… ] [T]he interlocking connections bring up issues about the a safe distance transactions by the philanthropy with the revenue driven sellers," as per the OAG's official statement.
Bigley, Heiligman, Heiligman's better half, and Craig Greenberg, whose law office likewise speaks to Metro Metals and National Fundraising Management, made up four of the five board individuals/officers of Car Donation Foundation until mid 2013, when CDF was reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS noted, by OAG Report, that a philanthropy ought not serve as a "lead generator to get business for the organizers' revenue driven organizations," and the IRS addressed whether CDF ought to keep its beneficent assessment absolved status given the noteworthy advantage bestowed on MM and NFM by Bigley and Heiligman through their control of CDF. CDF's 2013 evaluated budgetary explanations take note of that as a consequence of the IRS examination, "the Organization rolled out a few improvements to its authoritative records and governing body," and the adjustment in the board was that Bigley, the two Heiligmans, and Greenberg all surrendered.
The IRS seemed fulfilled, by OAG Report, that with these "mass renunciations" an a safe distance relationship could now be made amongst CDF and MM and NFM. In any case, the Report likewise takes note of that instantly after the adjustment in the CDF board, the new board individuals appointed the everyday administration of CDF to Bigley and Heiligman, at any rate, and Greenberg was even given power over making installments and marking checks for CDF. Moreover, CDF's yearly assessment filings report that CDF had no representatives from 2011-2014, along these lines strengthening Bigley and Heiligman's control over CDF's operations and its dependence on MM and NFM to give operational, raising money, and managerial administrations for the philanthropy.  

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