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Since there is as of now no cure for tumor, a standout amongst the most essential things we can do as people and as a general public is to advance innovative work endeavors that are taking a gander at option and rising disease medicines, in the trusts that one day they will prompt a cure. 
Sean Parker 
Sean Parker – a Silicon Valley business person who has become famous through association with advanced administrations, for example, Facebook, Spotify, and Napster – today declared that he is putting some of his fortune into finding a cure for malignancy. This new program, called the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, will concentrate on immunotherapy, a test malignancy treatment that shows guarantee toward building up a potential cure. 
Time for More Research 
Some portion of Parker's drive to store immunotherapy medicines is that he trusts growth research has gained little ground in the course of the most recent a very long while, in spite of the considerable measures of cash that have been spent growing new medications. "Normal future has just expanded three to six months," he clarified, "with some of these medications that cost billions to create." 

The new Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy will unite hundreds specialists from more than three dozen labs the nation over, including the University of California, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, Stanford Medicine, and Memorial Sloan Kettering. By uniting these analysts, Parker would like to speed up exploration by making comes about comprehensively accessible without limitations or hindrances. 

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