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What Happens To My Vehicle? 
The vehicles got by Teen Challenge are surveyed at our shop and discarded in an assortment of ways, including: 
Closeout or SELL PRIVATELY: Our graduates and understudies do minor mechanical and specifying chip away at the vehicle to set it up to be sold at closeout. 
RECYCLER: Our graduates and understudies strip the vehicle of important parts and the mass weight is sold to a nearby recycler. 
Obliteration DERBY: Our graduates and understudies get the autos prepared for one of our greatest asset raisers, the Demolition Derby, held in the fall. 
Armada: Occasionally we can enlist a gave vehicle and use it at the Teen Challenge community for understudy arrangements, nourishment gift pickups and different day by day errands. 
How Does My Vehicle Donation Benefit Teen Challenge? 
This project advantages the Teen Challenge philanthropy twofoldly, by the important professional experience the understudies pick up at the shop with 100% of the returns raised by the arranged vehicles backtracking into our medication treatment and mindfulness programs. 
How Does My Vehicle Donation Benefit Me? 
The vehicle is grabbed by our driver at no charge to you. 
You get an assessment deductible magnanimous gift receipt for your vehicle. 

You have the fulfillment of realizing that your gift genuinely gives somebody who was once controlled by medications and liquor a chance at another life, free from compulsion. 

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