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What is not secured by home protection 
A standard property holders strategy may not shield you from: 
Surge, Earthquake, Nuclear Accident and War — To ensure against unanticipated and wild occasions like these, you can buy risk protection through your home protection approach. 
Windstorm Damage — In specific territories (generally seaside) of some states, standard home protection scope does not cover harm created by windstorms and hail. Check your arrangement data to check whether windstorm harm is secured in your general vicinity. 
Things to ask before you purchase home protection 
Is surge protection required, and what sort of surge protection is accessible? 
On the off chance that you live in a surge plain and you have a home loan, you might be required to have surge protection. Contingent upon where your house is found, you may meet all requirements for surge protection through the National Flood Insurance Program. Some insurance agencies likewise offer surge protection. Remember that your home could maintain surge harm by different means, for example, broken channels, regardless of the fact that it's not situated in a surge plain, so consider this scope on the off chance that you are qualified for it. 
Is tremor protection accessible? 

Most insurance agencies offer seismic tremor protection for an extra cost. This protection by and large is connected to your home protection approach as a support. In the event that you live in California, scope is accessible from the California Earthquake Authority.   

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