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The Dorset were, nonetheless, almost wiped out by 1500 AD. They experienced issues adjusting to the Medieval Warm Period (950 AD - 1250 AD) and were to a great extent uprooted by the prevalent Thule society. Certain Inuit legends depict their precursors heading out the general population they called "Tuniit" or "Sivullirmiut" (first tenants). As indicated by Inuit legend, they were meek goliaths, individuals who were taller and more grounded than the Thule, yet who were effortlessly frightened away. 
The last remnant of Dorset individuals vanished in the mid twentieth century. A little, secluded group of Dorset known as the Sallirmiut made due until the winter of 1902-1903 on Coats, Walrus and Southampton Islands in Hudson Bay close to the present-day Nunavut people group of Coral Harbor. DNA testing has affirmed these individuals were specifically identified with the Dorset. 
Thule Culture 

The Thule individuals, in some cases called proto-Inuit, were the immediate progenitors of all current Inuit. They were built up in beach front Alaska by 1000 AD and extended eastwards crosswise over Canada, achieving Greenland by the thirteenth century. All the while, they supplanted individuals of the before Dorset society that had already occupied the locale. The name "Thule" starts from the group of Thule (renamed Qaanaaq in 1953) in northwestern Greenland where the archeological stays of these one of a kind people were initially found. The connections between the Thule and the Inuit are natural, social, and phonetic. 

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