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Inuit Culture 
The Inuktitut word "Inuit" signifies 'individuals' or 'the general population.' This name alludes to the indigenous individuals of Nunavut, and in addition those living in the Northwest Territories, Greenland and Alaska. 
The customary way of life of the Inuit is astoundingly adjusted to amazing cold conditions. Their fundamental abilities for survival have dependably been chasing, angling and catching. Horticulture was never conceivable in the gigantic tundra scenes and cold coasts extending over the highest point of the world from Siberia to Greenland. (The antiquated Norse of Greenland attempted farming and fizzled.) 
Chasing is at the center of Inuit society. Regular life in cutting edge Inuit people group, some settled just a couple of decades back, still mirrors the five thousand year old history of a roaming seeker gatherer custom that permitted the Inuit individuals and their incredible precursors to accomplish a standout amongst the most astounding human achievements ever — the fruitful populace of the Arctic! 

A few Europeans Americans still allude to the Inuit as Eskimos, yet the Inuit individuals consider that term to be deprecatory. European homesteaders and pilgrims embraced this old Algonquin name for the Inuit, yet the right Inuktitut term is "Inuit" — the name they call themselves, the plural word for all the Inuit individuals. The best possible particular Inuktitut expression for an individual Inuit individual is "Inuk." 

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