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How Does My Vehicle Donation Benefit Teen Challenge? 
This project advantages the Teen Challenge philanthropy twofoldly, by the important professional experience the understudies pick up at the shop with 100% of the returns raised by the arranged vehicles doing a reversal into our medication treatment and mindfulness programs. 
How Does My Vehicle Donation Benefit Me? 
The vehicle is gotten by our driver at no charge to you. 
You get an expense deductible beneficent gift receipt for your vehicle. 
You have the fulfillment of realizing that your gift genuinely gives somebody who was once controlled by medications and liquor a chance at another life, free from enslavement. 
What Will the Value of My Tax Receipt Be? 
At present our base receipt quality is $440. It would be ideal if you call the workplace for more data. 
Will Teen Challenge Pick Up My Vehicle on the off chance that it's not running? 
Yes, Teen Challenge will send a tow-truck to get your vehicle, for nothing out of pocket. In the event that the vehicle is running, we can send our driver group with a merchant plate to drive it back. Away vehicle pickups will be resolved on a case by case premise. 
Will I Drop Off My Vehicle? 

Yes! If it's not too much trouble see our drop-off areas beneath and call ahead to ensure somebody is accessible to get your vehicle 

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