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Archeological confirmation has shown that the Thule (furthermore the Dorset, however to a lesser degree) were in contact with the Norse, who had achieved the shores of Canada by 1000 AD. In the Viking Sagas, this indigenous Nunavut individuals was additionally called "Skræling." 
Some Thule individuals moved southward in the 'Second Expansion' or 'Second Phase' of their history. From 1200 AD to 1300 AD, the Thule possessed the whole region as of now occupied by the Central Inuit. By 1400 AD, the Thule had successfully supplanted the vast majority of the Dorset society. Contact with Europeans increased in the eighteenth century, disturbing Thule customs. Intensified by the climatic impacts of the Little Ice Age (1650 AD - 1850 AD), numerous Thule people group broke separated and this traveling indigenous individuals got to be referred to Europeans and Americans as Eskimo and later, all the more effectively, as Inuit. 

The Thule individuals are perceived truly to use slate blades, umiaks, sealskin coasts and flipping spears. Their innovation was better than the Dorset society. Thule individuals subsisted principally on marine untamed life species — particularly substantial ocean warm blooded creatures. Thule winter settlements generally had one to four houses protecting up to ten individuals each. Some Thule settlements had more than twelve houses, yet were once in a while utilized by more than fifty individuals at any one time. Their homes were developed of whalebones secured with stows away and grass. Archeological stays of these antiquated Thule structures, including nourishment store destinations, kayak stands, chasing blinds, fox traps and different relics are discovered the whole way across Nunavut. 

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