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The dress was extremely novel in nunavut. The Inuit utilized creature hide to make apparel and shoes. They would sew them together with creature bones and the tread would be produced using other creature parts. Coats were made structure creature skin and ther hide around the hood was a creatures tail. The womens coats were normally made additional extensive with the goal that they could convey their children in them to keep them shape the horrrible climate. Shoes were typically produced using caribu skin the configuration of the boots depened on the sexual orientation of a man so the boots of a man would contrast from the boots for a lady (see second picture alongside, it indicates differnt sorts of boots and for what sex). 
The Inuit individuals obviously needed to keep warm on the grounds that the weaher in Nunavut is unusual. Temporarly they would make and utilize something many refer to as an iglu likewise spelt igloo and they would live in them yet when the climate got colder thy would live in tents or grass houses. Tents would be made of creature skin and the casing would be made out of bones. 

The Culture and Tradiions is exceptionally fasinating and is altogether different in view of what we have today, the way our garments and trasporation is and the spots we live. 

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