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There are two essential sorts of annuities: 
The first is the point at which you pay a single amount to an insurance agency and they begin to pay it out to you immediately in occasional portions. This write is known as a prompt annuity - the installments to you begin instantly. 
The second, and more basic, is the place cash paid by you amasses enthusiasm over a timeframe. On the off chance that you pick this sort of annuity, the foremost and collected sums will then be paid out to you in intermittent portions, for the most part when you resign, keeping in mind the end goal to supplement your retirement wage. This write is known as a conceded annuity - the installments to you are conceded for various years. Right now, a conceded annuity may have charge focal points in that salary assessment is not owed until you begin accepting conveyances from the annuity. 
Both sorts of annuities offer you certain choices for accepting your pay. It is typically paid to you month to month. The most widely recognized alternatives are: 
Life Annuity - The safety net provider will pay you a wage for whatever length of time that you live. Be that as it may, there are no survivor advantages. This implies all advantages stop upon your demise. 

Period Certain Annuity - The back up plan will keep on paying your survivor a wage for a predetermined timeframe. 

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