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Non-monetary auto crash harms grant the offended party for non-money related misfortunes. Auto crash harms for non-fiscal misfortunes are normally harder to measure and may incorporate pay for the accompanying: 
Agony and Suffering: This incorporates pay for the torment and enduring you confronted after the mishap. In recompensing harms for agony and enduring, the jury will look at the degree of your wounds, including to what extent you are required to endure, the nature of the damage, and what budgetary weights the episode places on you and your family. 
Mental Anguish: You may likewise have the capacity to achieve pay for the enthusiastic torment you confronted after the occurrence. Mental anguish, for instance, can incorporate sentiments of dismay, anxiety, stress, distress, and whatever other kind of enthusiastic injury a casualty can confront after an overwhelming mishap. 
Loss of Consortium: If you were the life partner of the fender bender casualty, you might have the capacity to obtain pay for the special misfortunes you face, for example, loss of conjugal advantages, including fellowship, sexual relations, friendship, and solace. 

Correctional Damages: If the activities of the respondent were so vindictive or deplorable, the jury may force reformatory harms, which are proposed to rebuff the litigant and demoralize comparative conduct later on. 

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