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What makes us distinctive? 
On the off chance that you need to offer your old auto and raise cash for philanthropy, here's the reason you ought to pick Giveacar: 
No bother 
We do all the work for you, organizing your auto's accumulation, getting the best cost, liaising with your picked philanthropy. Some auto purchasers make you convey the auto to their terminal – we don't. A tow-truck will go to your entryway. 
We're autonomous 
We are not attached to one philanthropy or to one firm. We work with any enlisted philanthropy and a scope of various contractual workers all over the nation, to ensure we get the best costs. Is your auto useful for scrap? We have an organization that has some expertise in scrap autos. Is your auto roadworthy? At that point we'll orchestrate to offer it at closeout. On the other hand possibly your auto has parts that could be sold for rescue? We have another sale organization only for rescue vehicles. 
We are authorized 
Raising cash for philanthropy and taking care of scrap autos is a strange mix. We are enrolled with both the Fundraising Standards Board and the Environment Agency. 
We're the first and best auto gift administration in the UK 

Giveacar is the UK's first philanthropy auto gift administration. We made the thought, and we have endeavored to present this new wellspring of subsidizing to our philanthropy accomplices. We mean to give you a basic, effective and benevolent approach to transform an old banger into a decent deed for philanthropy. We have taken care of a huge number of gifts, and raised more than one million pounds. Be that as it may, you don't need to believe us. 

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