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This data aide was made to illuminate you of your rights as a senior when you are thinking about the buy of an annuity. An annuity is a type of a protection item. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) does not suggest or oppose these items. Be that as it may, being an educated customer can keep you from being the casualty of corrupt deals practices and it helps you to settle on taught choices for yourself and your family. All safety net providers, merchants, specialists and others occupied with the exchange of protection owe a forthcoming guaranteed who is 65 years old or more established, an obligation of genuineness, great confidence, and reasonable managing. 
Sorts of Annuities 

An annuity is an agreement in which an insurance agency makes a progression of installments to you at customary interims consequently for a premium. Annuities are regularly purchased for future retirement pay. The returns from an annuity can give you with a pay to life, or for a predefined timeframe. 

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