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Street Design 
Now and again, defective development, outline, or support of streets can add to mishaps. Some basic causes include: 
Dikes: When a street bends, the external edge is set at a slope as a wellbeing precautionary measure. These raised ranges fill the need of overseeing movement so vehicles can approach the external edge of the street without driving off it. In the event that the bank is excessively steep or not raised legitimately, drivers might be in peril. 
Boundaries and Guard Rails: Barriers, monitor rails, hindrances, medians, and checks impact safe driving. On the off chance that any of these structures are ineffectively composed or set, driver security might be bargained. 
Surfaces: Various changes in street surface ready drivers of drawing closer dangers or that they are leaving their path out of the blue. 
Signage: Signs give drivers earlier notice of drawing nearer convergences, sharp turns, creature intersections, and so on. They ought to be situated in clear areas and splendidly lit up for most extreme perceivability. 
Movement Control: Traffic lights, stop and caution signs, lights to caution drivers of convergences and crosswalks, and different gadgets are used to direct activity stream. Legitimate arrangement and operation of these gadgets is basic. 
Wrongful Death 

On the off chance that you have lost a friend or family member in a fender bender, you may have legitimate plan of action through a wrongful passing claim. In these cases, the family or survivors of the casualty must demonstrate that their adored one was executed as a consequence of another's carelessness. Monetary, non-financial, and correctional harms might be accessible. 

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